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Perhaps it isn't surprising then the concert is subtly reminiscent of Sting's own classic coming of age concert moment Bring on the Night.

Yes, he's a genius at the trumpet, grammy nominee, sought-after entertainer, blah blah blah - but what makes him a great 'performer' is his relationship with his audience. As many times as I've seen Botti, I never bore of him.Granted, I haven't seen as many shows as some but I've seen my fair share. I'm a venue brat at the MGM Grand Garden Arena so I have a fine eye for event management. The naive me would say he doesn't even know he does this but he's a marketing machine. " I don't think Botti appreciated my vulgarity given the fact there were other people in the room, including a little old lady, but he was a good sport.Their staff was amazing and gives me ideas on how to improve the arena. His temperament makes the rest of us want to make friends with our seat-mates. At my first 2 shows I was so vain as to think it was me who made this happen; the people sitting next to me wanted to talk to me because I was so charming. I sat next to an amazing couple who couldn't say enough about Botti.Clearly owing a heavy debt to legendary trumpeter Miles Davis, Botti not only surrounds himself with the elegant, live Boston Pops Orchestra, but has hired some of the most heavy-hitting rhythm section players on the scene with drummer Billy Kilson, bassist Robert Hurst, pianist Billy Childs, guitarist Mark Whitfield, and others.The result clearly pulls much inspiration from Davis' work with Gil Evans -- he even plays "Flamenco Sketches" -- but never seems to belabor the comparison.

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