Elijah wood dating pam racine

Wood and GOGOL BORDELLO star Eugene Hutz became fast friends on the set of the quirky road movie and when the rocker discovered his actor pal was looking for love, he set him up with bandmate PAM RACINE (corr).Mandrake hears that Wood, 29, has split up with his girlfriend, Pamela Racine, after more than five years.Elijah has met the former Elijah Wood girlfriend on the set of the movie called Everything Is Illuminated in the year 2005 and since then they became a couple.Elijah tries to be private about his personal life and that is working for him.

Elijah Wood girlfriend does not exist at the moment, it seems that the famous actor must have a girlfriend, because his look is extremely good and the color of his eyes can astonish any kind of girl.

So the actor fell in love with the musician, but something went wrong in their relationships.

According to sources it seems that Elijah was not capable of making some kind of commitment to Elijah Wood girlfriend, because she wanted something more serious in their relationships and in her life in general and it looks like Elijah was not ready to give her what she wants and maybe he will never want to commit for someone in his life, because he is not that type kind of man.

So, are these two really getting it on or is Pamela just a front?!

I’m speculating only because I’m a little shocked & envious at Elijah’s position.

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