Lawyers intimidating judges accommodating religion in the workplace

There is no separation of powers where the lawyers are concerned.

There is only a concentration of all government power -- in the lawyers.

I learned about LJAP during my Professional Responsibility course at MSU College of Law.

I was fortunate enough to have already realized that I had a problem with alcohol that, if left untreated, would interfere with my hopes and dreams of becoming an attorney.

The NBA also rallied round nonlawyers like Comrade Balarabe Musa and Dr.

Beko Ransome-Kuti as they were in the forefront of the struggle for the restoration of democratic rule.

The LJAP offers the resources I needed to make sure that whatever issues I had were addressed in an appropriate, professional, and efficient manner.

The program allows enough flexibility for a busy law student to live his or her life, while concentrating on an individual basis in addressing the student's needs and problems.

I am not bothered because some of the NBA leaders are not defending judges but themselves.I knew that I had to change my thinking in order to change my behavior.Truthfully, I had no idea how Character and Fitness would react to my past, but rather than focus on my past, I decided to concentrate on the present.When I was working with the late Comrade Alao Aka-Bashorun, who is rated as the best NBA president so far, the NBA did not address press conferences to declare a state of emergency, whatever that means.If judges were harassed or lawyers were detained, the NBA leaders would meet the Attorney-General or President of a country to find out the basis of any arrest. In 1987, Aka-Bashorun mobilized 270 lawyers to defend the late Gani Fawehinmi. When the same military dictators later charged some of us with treasonable felony, the NBA also defended us.

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