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We are committed to providing our clients with a set of long term solutions to grow alongside with you in the future.

MSDS Solutions has developed the most sophisticated software on the market, offering functionalities and a degree of flexibility that surpass industry standards.

This is especially true for safety professionals who depending upon their industry have myriad critical compliance tasks they are responsible for.

Following, MSDSonline looks at five key benefits customers report led them to electronic MSDS management. Saves Time — Ask many people what their most valuable commodity is, and they will tell you time.

In other words, they believe it has a positive net present value (NPV) and adds value to the firm.

However, the truth is, most companies choose electronic management because it makes business sense.

As such, time spent doing menial tasks like looking through an MSDS binder to see what’s missing, then searching the internet for updated safety data sheets (or worse calling vendor after vendor to find updates), and when successful, standing at a copier making enough copies for every MSDS library in the facility is time wasted.

A good system is also mobile enabled, providing real time access to the most important chemical information in realtime information you need on your tablet or handheld device. Think about your own company, how much money is spent paying highly trained people to do unskilled tasks?

For safety professionals, it is unavoidable that some of their time is going to be appropriated for menial tasks.

The best way to ensure all MSDS are on file is to do a complete inventory of all chemicals and hazardous materials.

Some organizations have a safety officer or a purchasing department who is in charge of inventory, while others might have individual maintenance departments do their own inventory.

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