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“You can basically do whatever you want on it; there aren’t very many rules.” The rules that were in the book: having a job (easy enough) and having to be thin (Um…).“There’s this horrible diet in there of pineapples and cottage cheese,” Pimentel says.Patti Stanger’s proven formula has attracted soul mates for millions of women, leading them to the happily ever afters they’ve always hoped for.For only , these proven tips will show you how to send out the right signals, learn to be self-sufficient, and attract monogamy in all the right ways without changing who you are.Date Like A Spartan looks to correct the error of whirlwind romances and bring power back to women.Like the legendary Greek warriors, the followers of Lambert’s Black Girls Are Easy website have mastered the art of unwavering confidence, gender breaking aggression and seduction skills, and no nonsense dating expectations.LOS ANGELES - May 19, 2015 - PRLog -- Bestselling author G. Lambert has followed up his critically acclaimed book, the Buzz Feed & You Tube notorious, Ho Tactics: How to Mind F**k a Man into Spending, Spoiling, and Sponsoring with a dating specific guide for women.

Chances are, your mate annoys you when she does the above but otherwise has good qualities - hence you being mates in the first place - so stick with it.

We talked to Pimental about the guide that worked for her, the hardest one to follow and how the “rules” of dating have changed over time.

editor Helen Gurley Brown,” Pimentel told us about the magic book that worked for her.

These tips will keep you from wasting valuable time on dead end relationships, teach you how to avoid bad online dates, and get you out of your dating funk!

I wrote this book because my girlfriend said I should teach a course on how to satisfy a woman!

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