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With original data, the author examines consultant behavior on message formation, policy positioning, candidate recruitment, Internet strategy, and negative advertising and compares these practices to existing political science theory. CST Candice Millard brings to life the story of James A.Garfield, who was shot in the back just four months after being inaugurated as president.Here, while cooking a spaghetti dinner together, Allen gets a taste of the sauce from his girlfriend Hanson-Johnson in the apartment Hanson-Johnson shares with her mom Wednesday, Dec.7, 2016, in Eagan, MN.] As the final moments of their date night ticked away, Candace Hanson-Johnson burrowed her face into the chest of her longtime fiancé, Steven Allen, and begged him not to leave.The next book we're featuring in the book club is "Rin Tin Tin: The Life and the Legend," by Susan Orlean Susan Orlean wrote a sweeping, powerfully moving account of Rin Tin Tin's journey from orphaned puppy to movie star and international icon. science writer John Tierney to revolutionize our understanding of the most coveted human virtue: self-control. CST A masterful survey of our grim and often disturbing past, uniquely brings together history and culture studies to expose the dark obsessions that have helped create our national identity. CST Renowned bishop and author John Shelby Spong presents a book designed to take readers into the contemporary academic debate about the Bible. CST Chefs have been playing the "My Last Supper" game among themselves for decades, if not centuries, but it had always been kept within the profession until now.Melanie Dunea came up with the ingenious idea to ask fifty of the world's famous chefs to let her in on this insider's game and tell her what their final meals would be. CST So begins Susan Orlean's sweeping, powerfully moving account of Rin Tin Tin's journey from orphaned puppy to movie star and international icon.Orlean spent nearly ten years researching and reporting her most captivating book to date: the story of a dog who was born in 1918 and never died. CST Whether we're deciding to take a cholesterol drug or choosing a cancer treatment, we are overwhelmed by information from all sides: our doctors' recommendations, dissenting expert opinions, confusing statistics, conflicting media reports, the advice of friends, claims on the Internet, and a never-ending stream of drug company ads.Your Medical Mind shows us how to chart a clear path through this sea of confusion. CST This book provides a clearer understanding of modern-day political campaigns by revealing what is on the minds of the people who run them.

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Once again, Lev Grossman proves that he is the modern heir to C. In this vivid narrative, Farmer describes the incredible suffering — and resilience — that he encountered in Haiti. CST Join Kerri Miller and a panel of book critics for a discussion about the titles that should be on every book lovers list this summer.For decades, these caretakers have been granted broad authority over the money, medical care and even the personal relationships of the “wards” they are assigned to protect.Once appointed, guardians are rarely removed, and even when abuses occur their sweeping powers often go unchallenged by the courts.Steve Allen, 34, who has a cognitive disability, has dreams of one day marrying his sweetheart Candace Hanson-Johnson, 26. But Steve's main obstacle is his guardian, who continues to exert broad control over his life.His guardian refuses to let him live with Candace and severely limits his time with her.

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