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What followed were the extended deathbed confessions of a legend, compiled for the first time in Evans’ last book, “Ava Gardner: The Secret Conversations.” Among the shocking revelations: first husband Mickey Rooney was such a womanizer that he cheated on Ava, then considered the most beautiful woman in the world, in their marital bed — while she was in the hospital recovering from an appendectomy.

“He went through the ladies like a hot knife through fudge,” she said, adding that her best friend Lana Turner — who’d slept with Rooney first — called him “Andy Hard-On.” Gardner went on to marry bandleader Artie Shaw — “another kind of bully; he was always putting me down” — and then, most famously, Frank Sinatra, who left his wife for her.

“He said, ‘Get into a fight with him, and he won’t stop until one of you is dead,’ ” Gardner said.

“He didn’t want to risk it being him.” Gardner was a teenage virgin from Grabtown, NC, when she was discovered by a talent scout in 1941. “I knew that my looks might get me through the studio gates.” She knew she wasn’t a great actress, and didn’t much care: “A lot of my stuff ended up on the cutting-room floor,” she said. “I never loved him,” she said, adding that despite the generosity he showed her, paying for her dying mother’s medical care, he was also a racist.

The third time, they both began laughing as he said hello. And now, here they were, just the two of them, faced with a decision.

Was it an accident that they ran into each other a few days later, in front of her place? Frank wasn’t usually keen on walking but suddenly he was getting out a lot. Dark haired with a white fur stole on her wide ­shoulders, he noticed how she prowled with the easy grace of a tigress.

In an exclusive from the book that wasn’t published in either of their lifetimes, Gardner spills the seduction-to-split secrets of her three marriages Right, Ava Gardner with Frank Sinatra, at the Hollywood premiere of Show Boat, 1951. But this was Only a fool would say he wasn’t interested.“I’m told we’d get along fine, but who the hell knows? She was a Brazilian dancer, a hot little number while she lasted. With permission from Gardner’s estate, Evans decided to publish their interviews.

She took her pleasures as she found them — and she found them everywhere. She had always had a thing for ­musicians but he was in a different league.

, my favorite story from the book is fairly chaste, revealing nothing about Mickey Rooney’s libido or Frank Sinatra’s penis. “I stopped auditioning a long time ago, honey.” Desperate to live up to her image as “the world’s most beautiful animal,” Gardner called in her favorite cinematographer Jack Cardiff, who rearranged the lamps in her living room, placed a key light above her chair, and placed a shadow over the half of her face that had been frozen by a recent stroke. Evans never digs deeply into Gardner’s stunning career, nor into her relationships with other women.

The story involves an aged Gardner meeting Dick Snyder, the CEO of Simon & Schuster, the publishing company planning on publishing her memoirs. The story reveals the crafty ambition and aching vulnerability behind Gardner’s tell-it-like-it-is persona. When Ava asks Evans about his thoughts on The Barefoot Contessa, he responds, “It’s flawed but it’s still an interesting picture.

Perhaps the reason the story resonated with me is because it is among the only stories in the book that touches upon Gardner’s mastery of her craft. I’d like to see it again before we deal with it in the book.” The film is mentioned later in the book, mostly to relay some gossip on Humphrey Bogart, but nowhere does the author describe watching it again.

Cardiff was the cinematographer of her two best star vehicles, The Barefoot Contessa and Pandora and the Flying Dutchman. And I’m kinda sentimental about the jewels.” But before making the ultimate decision, Ava had to be certain that Evans was not a “faggot.” In what cannot be described as her finest moment, she explains, “Don’t get me wrong. In fact, it’s hard to gauge from reading the book how many of Gardner’s films Evans studied before sitting down with her.

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