Who is marvin sapp dating 2016

Wife, Mother, First Lady, US Government, Entrepreneur. Rom Whosoever calls upon the Lord shall be saved.” Marvin Sapp is now speaking out and posted the following to his Facebook page: “‪#‎IMPORTANT This young woman has posted and has been posing as my new wife. The only reason why I’m posting this is not to put her on blast, however it is because she has placed a link onto her page as it pertains to my booking. Also please request from both media sites that her sites be shutdown/removed. I REALLY ‪#‎ENJOYED EVERY MINUTE DOWN TO THE LAST DROP! I LOVING BEING WITH A REAL MAN JUST HOW I LIKE/LOVE IT!

Thank you all for your help and support.” This has not stopped her from posting positive messages to Sapp about their relationship.

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The woman identifying herself as Annisha Sapp also created another Facebook page called “First Lady Annisha Sapp” that displays an image of Marvin Sapp as her cover photo.

Gospel singer and Bishop Marvin Sapp is speaking out against a woman who is claiming to be his wife and trying to book shows using his name."This young woman has posted and has been posing as my new wife.

#This Must Stop #UNWANTEDATTENTION," Sapp wrote in his 2014 Facebook post.Dr Teleka Patrick, 30, had a personal protection order filed against her by pastor and gospel singer Marvin Sapp, 46, who said Dr Patrick had visited his home and contacted his young children to get close to him.RCA Inspiration Kirk Franklin e One Music Tasha Cobbs Motown Gospel Tamela Mann Independent Artists Donnie Mc Clurkin Tyscot Records Chicago Gospel Va Shawn Mitchell Hezekiah Walker Erica Campbell Fred Hammond Gospel Radio Jason Nelson Marvin Sapp Mary Mary Karen Clark-Sheard Brian Courtney Wilson Entertainment One Music James Fortune William Mc Dowell Tye Tribbett Fo Yo Soul Recordings The Anticipated Album, REFOCUS By KENNY LEWIS & One Voice…AVAILABLE NOW !!!SHE IS NOT MY WIFE," Sapp exclaimed in a Facebook message."The only reason why I'm posting this is not to put her on blast, however it is because she has placed a link onto her page as it pertains to my booking."The woman, who goes by the name First Lady Annisha Sapp, took to Facebook where she posted the message: "Hello Everyone!

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