Who was khloe kardashian dating before lamar odom

Keep reading, because we have everything you need to know about the most-talked about couple.

Since Thompson is tall and athletic, it’s no wonder that he caught Khloe’s eye.

As everyone knows, Khloe was married for years before finally filing for divorce in 2013 for the first time from Odom due to irreconcilable differences stemming from Odom’s own personal issues.

But when Odom was admitted to the hospital, Khloe was there by his side, and in past episodes of her show, she has showed concern and friendship towards him.

Things started falling apart around 2012, though, with news of the two headed to couples’ therapy.

According to , the real breaking point came when Lamar uploaded a weird freestyle rap video with verses that indicated he was cheating on Khloe. When Lamar went through a scary near-death experience, overdosing last 2015, Khloe also swooped in to support her ex but Lamar apparently resented it, and any hope for reconciliation was dashed.

She can fast track her baby plans, have a man around 24/7, and besides already being comfortable with Odom, she believes she has the upper-hand this time around because of all she endured before they separated last year.Read Also: Kim Kardashian Divorce: KUWTK Star Fighting For Sole Custody Over Kids The woman that Lamar had been seen spending more time with, recently, was a short (as in, not just relative to Lamar short) brunette, with whom he had dinner with, as well as went on a shopping spree.The woman turned out to be his publicist, Eve Sarkisyan-Nunn, according to .Khloe and her family have a habit of dating talented and prominent men, since anything less find it hard to survive their fame. He plays as a power forward (jersey number 13) for NBA Playoff champions, the Cleveland Cavaliers.And since the Toronto native has a net worth of .0 million, it’s safe to say that he may actually be able to keep up with this Kardashian after all.

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